I can use affirmations!

You Are What You Think

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Let’s look at that in this glimpse into affirmations…

You’ve probably heard this statement: “You are what you think” – I firmly believe that expression.

And if you haven’t heard that one, I know you’ve heard this one: “You are what you eat”. Just look at your family, your friends, and the crowd around you. Isn’t their physical appearance one piece of evidence towards proving you are what you eat? Now look at yourself… did you just find further proof…? Sure you did.

Now add in the personality angle and all of the attitudes, confidence factors, self images, convictions, feelings, temperament, and body language each individual has exhibited in your presence. Where did they pick up all of what makes up their personality?

From all of the people they’ve been exposed to since birth! From teachers and religious leaders. From strangers. From actors, authors, news reports, music (and not just the lyrics), plus anything and everything else that has left an impression or implanted thoughts into their heads.

The thoughts of others, when expressed to you (to us), is exposure enough to enter the subconscious mind. Some of them stay in the conscious mind long enough that they become a part of you… and across a period of time, you recall those thoughts and maybe even take action on those thoughts.

Some thoughts, acted out, become habits. And all that you do, and that which you think, make up you…

You are what you think.

There is proof of it all around us.

There is proof of it in you.

So what is an affirmation, or more importantly what is done with an affirmation and why?

Well, we know that it is a statement of fact. It is a declaration which is often delivered with emotion and strongly asserted. It is a life-defining belief.

But if an affirmation is already that, what is all of the current talk about affirmations?

Well, we didn’t say that the affirmation is yours… not yet… in the future, sure, if you desire it.

But when “you are what you think” isn’t quite working and deep down you want something different, something better so you can change a particular aspect of you or your life, you need to start by changing what you think… most likely about yourself.

So you start your pursuit… you turn to a new page, a new chapter. You start formulating new thoughts. You expose yourself to different people, maybe you find new friends, or listen to new sources of information. Maybe you ignore the news that brings you down. You cease watching so much TV and take up more reading. You start thinking new thoughts – thoughts that inspire… positive thoughts.

Experience an “ah ha” thought where you realize, “Hey, that is the real me!” Or “I wish I felt like that!” “I wish I’d said that…!“. “I want to be remembered like that!“.

You may be what you think, but just like you are what you you eat, all of it can be changed. You can become “You – Version 2.0”.

Affirmations are a tremendous help. Just as a diet or exercise program changes a person physically, affirmations change what’s inside…

For that matter, use affirmations to motivate you to change the physical you if you have thought about it but never got past that New Year’s resolution.

Affirmations are intended to be read, memorized, and repeatedly said.

Thinking on them works, but slowly.

Expressing them aloud ingrains them into the subconscious where they will be accepted and adopted, displacing old, worn out, useless thoughts. Just as a new habit takes about 3 weeks, emotionally expressed affirmations act that quickly too!

You can create you own. Do it on paper or on a computer or smart device. Add some color or a graphic or photograph. Make it yours. Keep them in front of you… at your desk, on the refrigerator, on a door, or a bedroom mirror. There has to be repeated exposure and use of an affirmation for it to take hold.

And work on no more than 3 at a time — a single one is best!

You can find affirmations all across the internet. They’re shared on Facebook and Pinterest plus a dozen other places.

Quite fortunately, there is the perfect affirmation on any aspect matching your quest! You just need to find the right ones for you…

There’s a whole collection of affirmations right here at theOngoingMind.

So stay tuned… look for us to offer them gratis… no charge. No-optin either. That’s right, since we’ve never been known to follow the herd, they’ll be made available without even as much as asking for your email address! Who else would do that for you? You’ll be glad to get the whole set!

~ Aden