Brain Games

What If You Could Understand Brain Games?


There are two reasons you’ll want to read this post:
1) to get a glimpse of the secrets you’ll learn
2) to realize that these secrets are being used on you (and can be prevented)

Midnight thoughts can be powerful, creative, and even revealing – and what I have in mind here are those thoughts that occur in the middle of the night, keeping you awake…

Mix those thoughts with brain games and some secrets of communication that have been revealed (Yes, brain games as revealed on the TV program Brain Games™!)*. When you do, those things that are keeping you awake can be used to your advantage.

You will command a talent few possess or even know about:

How To Shape Other People’s Decisions, Behavior, And Attitudes For Your Benefit.

Please understand…
This is not your Grandma’s NLP.
Neither is it Voodoo, although you’ll later see it mentioned…

Like my post title says (and fails to say):

What If You Could Understand Brain Games (and Learn to Persuade Others Using Those Secrets)?

The important things you’re going to find are things that matter specifically to you as a persuader… and as a person who would maybe like to protect themselves from having these tricks used on you.

…It’s about understanding human nature, understanding the flaws in the brain of the average individual, the flaws of humanity at large… and then exploiting these flaws. Easily.

It begins like this:

“There are certain types of communication – both covert and overt – that dramatically affect how people feel about you, your ideas, your products… or just anything in general.
A lot of wealth and power has been created using these techniques over the course of human history. Financial empires have been built… as well as entire countries… not to mention millions of savvy individuals who use these techniques today to enjoy a more than comfortable lifestyle.
That should make you excited. Because… you’re about to discover a lot about these types of communication.
And when you’re done with this… you will know how to use them for your own personal gain… to generate wealth, comfortable living, and completely turn your life around.
Behind The Scenes…
What’s interesting, these things happen automatically and nobody is aware of them. Which is kind of scary. But once you become aware of them…
You can not only use them for your benefit, but also avoid having them being used on you.
Who is using techniques like this on you? You’ll be surprised… but more or less everyone you ever meet, interact with, or hear on the news, or read somewhere… everyone. Politicians, sales people, your friends, your family and your children, everyone.
Most people do so unconsciously. As a result, they maybe utilize 1% of the power of these techniques. However even being aware of them can increase your effectiveness close to 100%.



And it continues… with all the details… just no actual voodoo!
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*No actual Brain Games™ content is used in the techniques presented