No opt-in No email Declaration

I don’t know about you, but I fail to understand why your email inbox, and mine, has to get flooded with so much email just because you and I used an opt-in form to get some free information after dropping in our email address on some obscure website.

Well, not here. No more email rabbit hole to endure!

Escape the email rabbit hole!

theOngoingMind allows you freedom from the opt-in and a way to avoid the email rabbit hole!

So, starting right now, we are making a No opt-in No email Zone, declaring us as just that… hopefully to the satisfaction of all the website visitors we are anticipating.

We’ll have plenty of information to share right here on our site without the need to send it to you in an email. theOngoingMind wants your overall view of us to be a positive one! And this is just one step we’re taking towards that goal.

It’s a new page for us that we decided to turn.

You see, I created theOngoingMind back in 2009 – I called it my flagship site. And to this day, I still do. However, it was totally suspended for a couple of years… and that really didn’t sit well with me. So, now it’s in the process of being raised from the ashes, with a whole new look, and with some stellar information planned to be shared in the coming weeks. We have some fantastic programs from our business partners to show you as well….

You’ll see “Turn the Page” at various points on the site. It could mean something as simple as “read more”; however, there’s a much deeper meaning behind it too.

We want you to realize that you are to discover new and meaningful information here… things that could end up being life changing for you. So, when we say “Turn the Page”, you just might find yourself turning a page in a chapter of your life that leads to a whole new eye-opening experience.

And to clear the way for you, we are removing one obstacle… that clutter of emails. Would you even open them? Most statistics say 77% do not. No subscription required at theOngoingMind.

And not composing emails will free us up to write about what matters.

We firmly believe that once you give us a try, and once we become fully enveloped with articles and posts that you’ll look forward to, you’ll want to come back for more. And we bet, you’ll want to share your experience with others and tell them about theOngoingMind.

We hope you appreciate this little gesture.

We prefer to provide you with what really matters, not with time wasted.

There’s a page on the site that provides a little bit more concerning our declaration – and it has a couple of notes regarding exceptions to it.

Turn the Page” to visit the No opt-in No email Zone page!