Lessons from Dharma, Bodhi, and Siam

Lessons… as in life lessons… from a Buddhist cat, a novice monk, and a mouse in cahoots with the cat. It’s our first share with our site visitors under the Category we will be calling “Discoveries“. Just like when a locked chest is discovered, and there is no knowing what will be found until it is opened, our Discoveries are intended to be a surprise.

Often times these will be the newly announced features, articles, and books we have stumbled upon in researching and searching for little treasures to share. Then there will also be the gems… the real treasures from the past that are just as enriching now as they were when they were first announced.

The difference in a “regular” post and a “discovery” is that we have spent time in advance for a “regular” post preparing descriptive information to share with you. A “discovery” is the raw announcement – no real in-depth detail is provided and we haven’t prepared anything in advance regarding it to share with you.

Our first priority is to share it… it’s a temporary status. Chances are we will most likely write a post about a discovery within a few days or a couple of weeks. Or we could remove it altogether from the Ongoing Mind, recognizing that what we find valuable, amusing, or enlightening, the majority of out visitors gave a thumbs down to…

If the discovery was a success, then it will find a permanent home in the Catalog category… “permanent” being a relative term! The Catalog (if active and available) is subject to change and is intended to highlight the very best products we’ve come across.

Now, I’m going to violate our own intentions by showing you, with the image beneath this post, just how unexpected a discovery can be… what you see is what you get… but when you preview or purchase this discovery, you’ll be surprised at the departure of what you would expect, even from my ongoing mind!

I loved it. Laughter is great for the soul.

If you like cats, this is a must for you! No knowledge or interest in Buddhism required!

Dharma the Cat - Love Is

*image is an extract from the free preview intended for you to access on the Dharma the Cat page.

This was certainly a pleasant discovery for us, yet it’s one of those treasures many have already enjoyed and shared too…

Dharma the Cat cartoons have been published in magazines in 28 countries, and translated into 18 languages!

~ Aden

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