Be a Dream Maker

Be a Dream Maker

Ask someone what they dream about to get a glimpse into their soul.

And when they respond, moving them toward those dreams is what will make them follow you to the ends of the earth.

Be a dream maker!

But you will need to listen to what they want to achieve. Listen deeply. Be attentive.

You may need to coax answers from them. And that will take many questions to get to the bottom of what they want from deep in the soul.

You will find that glimpse into their soul will lead to understanding their desires.

Get them to talk about their dreams. Get them to imagine a life with those dreams fulfilled. Have them imagine every possibility…

The effect of the rest of the family. A dream home in a dream location. Time for recreation and vacation. Fame, if that’s part of the dream. Success. Fitness and good health. The possibilities of what is in the dream is endless.

Realize that people have feelings, and that dreams and feelings go hand in hand. Both are important. So you need to be genuine when considering the dreams of others.

Knowing what motivates them will help. It uncovers their soul a bit more…

There are some words of caution here. Satisfying your own purposes, means, or ends, isn’t the purpose here. That angle won’t be effective. In fact, doing that is manipulative and they will resent you.

It’s important not to trivialize a person’s dreams!

They will appreciate you for being genuine. Consequently, they will listen to what you want from them.

Now, you may need to find common ground between what they want and what you want. It’s not always easy, but it is worthwhile.

You may not be able to provide everything that people want. They may not be able to provide everything you want either. So prepare yourself to compromise. Give and take. Ask them if there are points they can compromise on…

It may be they will not share your vision, and their dreams will be too distant to find common ground. That’s just the way it is. There is nothing wrong with this.

In such cases, allow them to move on in search of their dreams. and you can look for other individuals who you have common goals with.

But, if the dreams revealed provided results, then consider yourself a Dream Maker!