A Glimpse of the Ongoing Mind

This glimpse regards the functioning of an ongoing mind: my mind or your mind, it doesn’t matter which.

And this post, our first one, is categorized as a musing… but you’ll find too, that this glimpse is also about theOngoingMind, the site (theOngoingMind.com)…

It’s not a post that will be typical of others to be made here. Instead, perhaps it’ll give some insight as to what we all experience as our mind rolls out thousands of thoughts each day – some organized, some at random.

What is it with our mind and all this bombardment of unorganized thoughts?

That’s not something I can answer easily nor does an answer follow in this post.

This glimpse is a reflection of a short period while my mind was bombarded with thoughts while thinking about an opening post for theOngoingMind website…

Summarized, hopefully in an enjoyable manner, are what thoughts I was able to capture, it began…

We daydream.

We lie awake at night because thoughts persist (call them the midnight thoughts).

Then, at last, we dream. Some bring understanding. Most are nonsensical… amusing, frightening, or perplexing… fodder for conversation if they can be remembered after awakening.

That marvelous mind of ours is always active… it’s an ongoing mind.

This first post to theOngoingMind is a result of MY ongoing mind.

It’s difficult to quell… but should it be? Is that a reason for concern…? Perhaps it is best to take advantage of it instead…

Yet, there are times it is so incessant, we want to break the repetition and seek a silencing of it.

There’s the creative mind, the logical mind, the irrational mind, the emotional mind, the meditative mind.

And let’s not forget the mind of reason, the mind of the wise, an empowered state of mind, and a confused mind.

There are states of mind – our moods.

We can be self confident, self conscious, self aware, self centered, self absorbed… all are states of mind that affect us.

We can question our mind. We can even change our mind… or clear it… or fill it.

Change it through rational thought. Change it through emotional action. Change it after an intuition.

Clear it using yoga or mediation. Clear it relaxing or entering your favorite spot: a forest, a beach… Clear it listening to music.

Fill it with facts, nonsense, hopes, dreams… wild ideas, even “bucket list” items. Fill it with the things that mean the most to you in life… religion, family.

Memories come to mind. Fleeting thoughts come and go.

Friends ask what’s on our mind. Others try to change our mind!

We can always express our mind. We can try to tame our mind.

We can pay attention, focus our attention, and we can pay no mind…

There’s logical thinking and reasoning. Intuitive thinking and wishful thinking.

We can be mindful, or unmindful. We can be thoughtless, although not necessarily without thought.

The unfortunate can lose their mind. Most of us simply lose a train of thought.

Some people try to just be. Some try to manifest

We relax our mind. We meditate.

Have you ever experienced or witnessed mind over matter… or something that was mind blowing?

Yet with all the thoughts that pass though our mind, we still can say… “that thought never crossed my mind”.

What is life… really…? Is it just a state of mind?

Thoughts abound here, at theOngoingMind! We hope to bring diverse thoughts to your mind!

We can expand our minds together, discover universal truths, even unveil secrets

For you see, theOngoingMind is meant to bring you those universal truths where secret things can be whispered… and alternative beliefs, self development, meditation, sleep and dreams, manifestation, self help, mindfulness, new age topics, motivation, and transformation related information discussed and introduced.

I’ll be recording and sharing our discoveries so you can benefit from what we find!

I’ll also be providing you with the opportunity to go deep into areas of your choosing… when there is a need to totally satisfy your desires “to know”… Beyond what we can present… beyond our scope… you will find the resources here to begin turning pages and chapter after chapter to move you along on your life’s journey.

…I had to let you know that.

That’s my musing for this glimpse of the ongoing mind and theOngoingMind the website (theOngoingMind.com)…

So that’s where I’ll end this first post. It wasn’t written with any intent except to get it out there – there’s no need to always write with purpose or story. Sometimes it’s enough to simply to express random thoughts… musings… as they flow from the mind. Now don’t expect all posts to be done in this manner – plenty will be organized properly from introduction to summary.

Convincingly written.

That said, there’s no intention to make theOngoingMind something stodgy. We’ll go with the flow… uncover wonders… get personal… and help you in many ways.

Be prepared to turn pages. For as the pages turn, a new life unfolds… open new chapters yet to be realized!


Yeah. Really.

~ Aden