No opt-in No email Zone

No opt-in No email Zone…

What does that mean?

Quite simply, this: theongoingmind has decided that it will be one of only a few sites not to ask visitors for their email address*. That means there will be NO opt-in* forms that you’re required to fill out.
No OptIn No Email

The result is you will not receive any emails from us. All the information we intend to share with you will be provided via posts on the site.

We understand that you’re busy.

We understand that your inbox gets flooded with daily emails.

We understand that you get pressured to buy, buy, buy elsewhere from many others.

Understand those are all things we object to… so we’d rather make enough of an impression upon you during your visits to theOngoingMind, that you’ll be eager to visit again to see what’s new here. We declare theOngoingMind to be a No opt-in No email Zone!

…in return, we hope you’ll give us some extra consideration and share our site with others. We know deep down that if you’re interested in our posts then it’s likely a friend would also like to see it.

Our posts tell you to “Turn the Page” – our way of saying “Next Page”. If you desire an improved life for yourself, you do have to read what we have to say in order to move on to the next of life’s chapters…!

Other websites may share similar information, but they ask for your personal information so they can blast emails at you.

Not so here.

You’re in control here. You decide what is for you, and what isn’t.

Please, if you’d care to share your thoughts on our No opt-in No email Zone decision, please make a comment on the post where we first announced it at No opt-in No email Zone Declaration. We’d like to hear what have to say about it!

*There is a note regarding our declaration:

It may not apply to purchases – our business partners, NOT US, will require your email, but it is not shared with us. We neither receive nor store any of your personally identifiable information. Granted, you may receive various emails from THEM, but it’s always with the chance to opt-out! That much we don’t mind, and know you won’t either. It’s a fact of online business life and an email is often how they choose for you to get the product registered.