A Glimpse of the Ongoing Mind

This glimpse regards the functioning of an ongoing mind: my mind or your mind, it doesn’t matter which. And this post, our first one, is categorized as a musing… but you’ll find too, that this glimpse is also about theOngoingMind, the site (theOngoingMind.com)… It’s not a post that will be typical of others to be


No opt-in No email Declaration

I don’t know about you, but I fail to understand why your email inbox, and mine, has to get flooded with so much email just because you and I used an opt-in form to get some free information after dropping in our email address on some obscure website. Well, not here. No more email rabbit

Brain Games

What If You Could Understand Brain Games?

  There are two reasons you’ll want to read this post: 1) to get a glimpse of the secrets you’ll learn 2) to realize that these secrets are being used on you (and can be prevented) Midnight thoughts can be powerful, creative, and even revealing – and what I have in mind here are those

I can use affirmations!

You Are What You Think

Do Affirmations Really Work? Let’s look at that in this glimpse into affirmations… You’ve probably heard this statement: “You are what you think” – I firmly believe that expression. And if you haven’t heard that one, I know you’ve heard this one: “You are what you eat”. Just look at your family, your friends, and

No Such Thing As Bad Weather

A Bad Choice of Clothes

File this one under Armchair Philosophy… something you’ll be seeing more of here at theOngoingMind Consider both of these quotes and tell us which one you like: a quote by John Ruskin… Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only

Unquestionable Confidence

How To Gain Confidence In Your Own Abilities

Gaining confidence in your own abilities and instincts is key to achieving your best potential. Gaining confidence exposes the greatness that lies within you. You need to be able to trust yourself and your skill set to handle the challenges of life well. You want to present the image of someone who can make a